I'd rather be at
The Spa

One Woman's realization that you should never be
anywhere else but the spa..


I'm Laura. A Spa Connoisseur (Self Proclaimed) from South Florida. You could say I've struggled with finding my true purpose in life for a very long time. Until now. I have come to the realization that there's nothing I would rather do and nowhere I would rather be than the Spa.



Based in South Florida, but my Spa journey will take me everywhere. Conquering Spas near and far.


On a search. Nay, on a quest. Nay, on a MISSION to find the best Spa. It's not an easy mission, but it's one I'm willing to take. I will sacrifice myself in order to find the best Spas around the world and share them with you. This is my mission for you, and I will not let you down.



Because, simply put, I'd rather be at the Spa.

I'd rather be at
The Spa

Not mingling at a dinner party?

While I do enjoy a nice dinner, you can usually get it delivered at the Spa. And mingling can be exhausting. I need to relax

Not out shopping?

Spending money on material things is very faux pa. Spending it on your mind, body, and soul is a much better investment. Besides, Chanel doesn't have a steam room.

Not a night out on the town?

I hung up my dress and heels for a robe and spa slippers a long time ago. And if i'm out late how will I be refreshed and ready for relaxation the next day?

Latest Posts

Ocean Key Resort & Spa


Key West is such a fun eclectic magical place. You truly feel like you’re in another country where you can just waste away in margaritaville from noon to night sippin' cocktails and listening to the crows of the wild street roosters.

The Colony Palm Beach

A famous writer once said "Never let a photographic location go unphotographed". Which I found extremely fitting for the boutique masterpiece that is The Colony Palm Beach Hotel.

I absolutely LOVED my stay at the Royalton Chic Suites Cancun and loved how safe they made us feel during out stay. It was honestly one of my most memorable trips to date, and I'm so excited to take you through it with me!


Spa Month 2020

I'd Rather be at the Spa top picks for Spa Month 2o20

While everything this year has been a little out of the ordinary, 2020 has been one crazy year, and i’m so proud of us all for attempting to get through it. Luckily, we can take solace in knowing that one of the most sacred times of the year is still taking place, with extra precautions in place of course. Miami Spa Month will be presiding and you can indulge and pamper yourself in every single way that you deserve.

Experts say...

A spa a day keeps the doctor away. And it's me, I'm the expert.

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