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While everything this year has been a little out of the ordinary, 2020 has been one crazy year, and i’m so proud of us all for attempting to get through it. Luckily, we can take solace in knowing that one of the most sacred times of the year is still taking place, with extra precautions in place of course. Miami Spa Month will be presiding and you can indulge and pamper yourself in every single way that you deserve.

For me, there is obviously nothing better than going to the spa. Being at the spa over anything else is, after all, my namesake.

However, since I have not yet found a way to permanently reside inside of a day spa, sometimes I have to bring the spa to me at home. So what better way to celebrate self care Sunday then to team up with the amazing NW Bulk Market to make my at home spa day just as good as the real.  

(Besides, going to the spa means leaving the house, and sometimes that alone is too daunting of a task,)


A famous writer once said "Never let a photographic location go unphotographed". Which I found extremely fitting for the boutique masterpiece that is The Colony Palm Beach Hotel. Every nook, cranny, and compartment of this hotel is undoubtedly designed for photo ops. Therefore, I did what I do best in pure I'd rather be at the spa fashion and I opted for all the photos. So sit back, relax, I covered the majesty that is The Colony Palm Beach for you.

(P.S. It was me, I'm the quoted self proclaimed famous writer)

Now, you may be saying, "But Laura, the Soho Grand has no Spa"

Trust me darling, I am aware. Herein lies one of the biggest struggles I face as a self proclaimed Spa Connoisseur. A hotel with no Spa....

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